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The spa resort Zingst is the place for creative and emotional photography along the Baltic Coast.

Artists have long been drawn to the Zingst peninsula in the far north of Germany. Its unique landscape coupled with ever-changing light conditions fascinates visitors every year anew. Photography has become the dominant medium with which to capture and record this fascination. Many of Zingst’s cultural attractions are related to photography. However, photography also plays an important role in preserving nature – in Zingst and around the globe.

See the world through many different eyes: over 40 photo exhibitions are shown every year in Zingst. Klaus Tiedge receives a wide spectrum of applications from which he curates exhibitions and defines visual themes for the galleries and outdoor exhibits. In addition to showcasing professional and internationally renowned photographers, exhibitions present the works of aspiring photographers and ambitious amateurs. The year’s highlight, the »horizonte zingst« environmental photo festival, takes place at end of May and attracts over 40,000 visitors every year.
The motto of the festival, »be careful«, refers not only to the manner in which we should treat nature, but also to our social responsibility.

The Zingst‘s world of photography seeks to provide inspiration, motivation and technical support to photographers in a stimulating environment. Beginners as well as advanced photographers and professionals get their money’s worth.

Workshops are a great way for anyone to improve photography skills, get new creative ideas and exchange opinions with other photo buffs. Print your works in the Printstudio Zingst: from small photos for an album to large format prints for your home.

The Max Hünten Haus has a large selection of rental camera equipment as well as photography books for inspiration and hands-on learning.

At all times of the year, Zingst and its surroundings are both motif and showcase for diverse photography activities. Join us for an inspirational photography experience       +49 (0)3 82 32 - 815 21

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