Arriving by Car
Arriving by Car gorillaimages/

Arriving by Car

Approach by car on A19, exiting onto B 105 in the direction of Löbnitz and Barth. This two-lane road takes you through a wide open landscape dotted with woods, tree-lined country roads and small villages.

Your navigation system will steer you in the right direction. Additional information about construction sites and detours is available at the Landesamt für Straßenbau und Verkehr

Between Barth and Zingst please pay attention to the Meiningen Bridge opening times.  Pedestrians and vehicles must wait while the bridge is raised.

LIVE traffic information here

Gas stations:

Zingst: Barther St. towards Barth – ADAP-Technik GmbH
Born: Industrial zone– Esso
Natural gas fuelling stations
Electric vehicle charging stations       +49 (0)3 82 32 - 815 21

oder nehmen Sie direkt online Kontakt mit uns auf!