The Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park

Explore the natural landscapes of the Baltic Coast

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Nature & the National Park

Explore the natural landscapes of the Baltic Coast

The Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park extends from the Fischland-Darss-Zingst peninsula, to the island of Hiddensee and across the lagoon to West Ruegen. Founded in 1990, Germany‘s largest Baltic Sea national park protects diverse and stunning natural landscapes as well as ongoing coastal processes. Coastal erosion, transport and deposition form dynamic sandbanks, sandspits, cliffs, beaches and dunes. Since the last glacial maximum, a chain of barrier islands has developed that encloses several interconnected lagoons. Their brackish water creates unique reed bed and flood mire habitats along the inland coast. The geologically very young landscape between the Baltic See to the north and the lagoons to the south harbours a unique flora and fauna.

Experience nature during a hike through the Osterwald, a bike tour to the Sundischen Wiesen or a photo excursion. National park rangers and hiking guides lead numerous different tours and excursions through the park between April and October. National park tours during crane migration and red deer rut in the autumn provide visitors access to an extraordinary nature experience. During cool fall evenings, Eurasian cranes and red deer stags can be heard calling from afar.  A National Park highlight: is the open house weekend in October.
The spa resort Zingst is a active partner of the National Park. Experiencing and protecting nature go hand in hand. Nature left to its own devices.       +49 (0)3 82 32 - 815 21

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