Photography school, Printstudio and more
Photography school, Printstudio and more Peter Prast

Max Hünten Haus

The Max Hünten Haus functions as the hub of local photography activities. This eye-catching modern building is located in the centre of town near the school, sports hall and day care centre.

In the Max Hünten Haus, the photography school (Fotoschule Zingst), the Printstudio, some of Europe’s best photographers, and several camera equipment manufacturers collaborate on creative projects, workshops and exhibitions. Zingst has become a place where trends in photography are not only identified, documented and analysed, but also initiated!
Photographs exhibited in Zingst are printed in the Max Hünten Haus using environmentally sustainable technologies. This allows artists to participate in the printing process.

Other special photo services available in Zingst: cameras and accessories can be borrowed and tested; your holiday pictures can be printed by the SureLab in no time flat; special XL photographic souvenirs can be printed in the EPSON Printstudio. Most of the fantastic photographs exhibited in Zingst are available for purchase at the Max Hünten Haus.

Klaus Tiedge‘s special collection, now housed in the photography library in the Max Hünten Haus, is second to none. Make sure to set aside some extra time to peruse these photographic treasures.

The public library‘s small but well-chosen collection includes fiction, non-fiction, games, ebooks and online loans, all free of charge for residents and visitors alike.

Regular events in the Max Hünten Haus include readings, lectures, multivision presentations and workshops.
You can find out more about Max Hünten, a landscape painter and globetrotter who bequeathed Zingst several fantastic photographs of Yosemite National Park in the Museum Zingst.
But first join us in the Max Hünten Haus and explore Zingst‘s world of photography.

Contact information:
Schulstraße 3
Phone: +49 (0) 3 82 32 – 1 6 51 10

Opening hours:

1 November - 15 March
Daily 10am – 5pm
Closed on Sundays
16 March - 31 October
Daily 10am – 6pm
Closed on Sundays

Free admission
Please inquire regarding the prices for photography workshops, events, rentals & prints       +49 (0)3 82 32 - 815 21

oder nehmen Sie direkt online Kontakt mit uns auf!